Complete Studio entry of 31 in the 2011 Guild auditions

April 12th, 2011

Well, this year, once again the Guild auditions are just around the corner. And as always, I am offering this venue to all my students.

This year, we have a student entry of 31, from the very beginning levels of Elementary A through the High School Diploma auditions in 12th grade.

Of our 31 students entered, 28 are performing 10 – 15 piece programs, fully memorized. That is an amazing accomplishment for each student, since the pieces are quite demanding and have to be performed accurate, note true and musically. Each student receives a 45 item report card, certificate and pin. 28 students are receiving gold pins / medals! I am also happy, that I have the stamina to take so many students through such demanding programs. But it is all possible with the essence of skills I teach in piano.

18 of my students have participated in these auditions for over 5 consecutive years with gold medal programs and are receiving a special composers pin.

All students are performing scales, chords / cadences and arpeggios musicianship phases except the 3 early elementary students. They have only been with me for a couple months and there is not enough time to let scales, chords, cadences and arpeggios sink in.

Musicianship phases are piano basic skills and patterns that need special attention since most classical music is built on using these scale patterns, chord patterns and arpeggios patterns.  Working these patterns and musicianship phases has been the secret to my students fast and above average progress.

I am not a teacher who just looks for those special proteges who practice 4 hours or more a day and are looking for a career. The majority of my students are regular kids who excel in everything in school, extracurricular activities, sports, academics, community activities and who also develop their music skills.

Summing up how we get there: My entire structure of teaching is centered around the scales, chords / cadences and arpeggios patterns and forming solid practice habits that we are re-inforcing daily.

I would say that my first book published as an ebook contains the secrets of how to pratice:  1. Major and Harmonic Minor Scales, the Way I Teach Them,… available as a Kindle download via in the US and UK or as a PDF download on this website and — and the second most important core book is the Play Piano In All Keys Fingering Charts Series – the Complete Workbook, available on this site — that has all the theory explanations included how I teach my students basic classical concepts of theory to help pass the various music examinations.  Both these books simplify my life as a piano teacher. I certainly could not accomplish without these teaching and practice tools. It took me my entire life to creatively innovate and get to this point of expertise.

I wish, I had had my books when I started to take piano lessons. And I had the best opportunities that Vienna had to offer in the early 1960s.

In my books, I am sharing my success tips that I learned from the many mistakes and errors I worked through.

Enjoy, Eva

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