Shanti Ryle Completed her Piano Guild High School Diploma

July 30th, 2011

I am happy to announce that Shanti Claire Elizabeth Ryle, age 17, graduated senior, completed today her tenth year Piano Guild audition with a High School Diploma Certification. Her piano examination included an approved repertoire of 10 Advanced level pieces, including the entire Beethoven Sonata Op 27 no 2 The Moonlight, the WTC II Prelude and Fugue in f minor by J. S. Bach, the Scott Joplin Concert Waltz Bethena, The Rachmaninov Etude Tableaux op 33 no 8, the Debussy Claire De Lune and Bruyeres and the Lecuona Cordoba. Besides her repertoire she was tested on scales skills, chords, cadences, modulations, arpeggios, sight reading and ear training. The entire examination was performed from memory. The most sincere congratulations to Shanti Ryle for working so hard and persisting in achieving this great accomplishment. Not many students are this dedicated to achieve so much besides getting ready for college.
Shanti Ryle has studied piano with Eva Martin Hollaus since 10 years and completed her MTAC Graduating Senior certificated earlier this year as well.

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