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August 15th, 2011

OMG – I thought I had my links working yesterday when I updated some pages and I found out they did not link! Suddenly I got the hang of things, I could click the right buttons – thank you, to whoever gave me the inspiration – I suddenly got it. Maybe, there are higher powers who cause miracles – this one, I would put into that category. Since I started to work with wordpress this site was nothing short of frustration. Please, enjoy what works, I seem to be getting somewhere here.

And I promise the instructional videos on demand and subscription membership is coming soon.

I still need to complete editing one book project, I am praying I have the energy and can complete it soon. Every time I believe I am done, I print it out and start over. I should appreciate the process – well, I do — but in the same token it is hanging things up. Please, bear with me; I am putting my energy into distributing my products and sharing my talent and skills.

Sincerely, Eva

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