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August 20th, 2011

Shanti Ryle Piano Guild High School Diploma Certification and MTAC Graduating Senior Plaque and Advanced Level Certificate with Branch honors. Shanti has been taking lessons with me since January 2000. This year marked Shanti’s 10th gold medal award in the Piano Guild auditions. Shanti is seeking an acting and music career.





12 students could come today for pictures. My favorite is the FUNNY ONE!.

From left to right: Walter and Kelly Rausch: this year marks Kelly’s 5th year as a Gold Medal winner in the Piano Guild auditions. Chloe Lovato, a 6th year gold medalist; Shanti Ryle a 10th year gold medalist and HSD completion; Vinayak and Vishakh Pillai both bronze medal recipients; Bret Paddock 8th year gold medal recipient; back row: Patrick Xu 2nd year gold medalist; in front of Patrick: Ranen Unger Hicks with his mom Suzanne, this year marks Ranen’s 6th Piano Guild gold medal certificate; front row: first year medalists: Rachel and Charys Hong and Raeva Solbach; behind them: Sierra Rupnow, completed her 6th year piano guild gold medal program.

Pictured are 12 of the 30 students of the Eva Martin Hollaus Piano Studio who completed their Piano Guild programs this year. 25 received gold medals for entering and performing memorized 10 – 15 piece programs. A total of 302 pieces were performed in the last couple months in this year’s piano guild auditions alone.

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