The Last of the Piano Guild Auditions for 2011

August 14th, 2011

I wanted to acknowledge the last students who participated in the Piano Guild auditions:

Raeva Solbach performed a brand new 10-piece program that she learned in 6 weeks. Her former teacher taught excellent Suzuki piano, which was excellent memory work, but lacking in reading and confidence learning new pieces. This program was the perfect opportunity to catch up on missed basics. Raeva performed a brand new 10-piece memorized program that helped her catch up. Congratulations to her very first gold medal!

Sharmini and Nira Premananthan performed on Friday, both earned their gold medals with 10-piece programs.

Sierra Rupnow could also perform her 6th year in Piano Guild auditions earning a Gold Medal with her 10-piece program.

Yin Ni Lee performed a difficult 3-piece program. This was Yin Ni’s first piano guild audition and I am very happy she went and performed.

Thank goodness – it is all done and over! It seemed this year had been extremely difficult to push through. There were scheduling changes, scheduling conflicts that suddenly arose left and right; all done – what a relief. I feel I could go on a three week vacation — but you know, it will not happen. The summer months are the golden time to work technique and get a few pages in the theory books done.

Onward and forward, tomorrow is another day, more great music to listen to.

Maybe I could say, I live from one note to next well played note!

More on our total Gold Medal count later, I need a couple hours of vacation, until tomorrw!

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