1. Which Book Should I Get? This page provides an excellent description of each of the books for sale.
  2. Major and Harmonic Minor Scales, The Way I Teach Them… this article gives a good description of what my teaching is about – I wrote this article in 2008 and it describes my first e-book and my passion for music
  3. Play Piano in All Keys Complete Work Book – this article gives a good description of the book – all my teaching success is centered around this book
  4. Fingering Charts Magic – this article shows my Piano Guild Hall of Fame Certification and an overview of progress comparison of conventional piano methods versus using Play Piano in All Keys Fingering Charts simultaneousy while starting to play piano
  5. How I start to teach 1 and 2 octave scales – video instructions, chords, arpeggios; interview with Patrick Xu (14), scales, chords, arpeggios performed by Cynthia Phan (13)
  6. How to Avoid the 7 Most Common Practice Errors – one of my parents had his son memorize the seven errors, so he would remind himself ┬áduring practice!
  7. How to use the Fingering Charts for Piano Guild auditions scales, chords/cadences, arpeggios musicianship phases – this article consists of my videos of instructions that I made for my students.
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