How I start to teach 1 and 2 octaves Major scales; chords, arpeggios

This is how I instruct all students to start learning scales.

An adult should learn each scale exactly the same way. It will only take once or twice to announce the scale letters and finger numbers and then add the metronome and start speeding up. If a mistake is made, stop and slow down again.

Very young students may need to announce the finger numbers and scale letters more than just one time. And if mistakes sneak in at a later time, we go over the scale, fingers and letters the same way again and refresh it.

This is the quickest and shortest way to learn to play piano for all ages and ability levels.

Brief instructions how to learn the C Major scale  1 octave:

instructions on how to immediately start practicing 2 octaves C Major scale:

Please, remember to start practicing going faster as soon as you can play one scale. Use the metronome and go slower again, if you make mistakes.

Good luck, you can DO IT!

Here is an interview with Patrick Xu, age 14. He was so kind to share his personal experience and view or repairing his former piano practicing, technique, scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios. He is showing us how he practices.

Patrick came to study with me in October 2009 and his technique needed to be worked over entirely. He followed my instructions and could remarkably improve. In the 2009/2010 season he could test in the MTAC Certificate of Merit (TM) level 7 and in the 2010/2011 season he tested in the Advanced level theory and received his theory exemption. After working over his piano playing foundation and learning how to express different styles and touches in piano music, Patrick was a Junior Bach branch winner in 2010 and 2011 and a regional winner in 2011; Patrick Xu is also the youngest Senior Steinway Awards scholarship recipient of 2011. Patrick Xu presented 15-piece programs in 2010 and 2011. Bothe programs did not include any pieces learned in prior years. His improvement is stellar.

Please, enjoy the interview with Patrick Xu, pianist, age 14:

Please, enjoy Cynthia Phan (age 13), she started to play piano with me 4.5 years ago and she just performed an Intermediate Specials 10 piece program in the Piano Guild auditions this year. The Intermediate Specials category is for very young pianists who perform an all college preparatory program. 2011 marked Cynthia’s 5th year performing a Gold Medal program.

In this video she is performing 3 octave scales Major, harmonic and melodic minor scales around the circle of fifths. She learned all scales using the Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook Fingering Charts:

I hope, you can see the progression of how these fingering charts help in developing a student’s technique.

Cynthia Phan (13), performing the Piano Guild intermediate Specials chords and cadence requirements:

Cynthia Phan (13), performing the Piano GUild Intermediate Specials arpeggios requirements. All arpeggios were learned using the Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook Fingering Charts.

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