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All my success instructing students is centered around this book Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook:

Complete Work Book

ISBN: 978-1-935967-02-6; 220 pages, coil bound, 8.5" x 11"

I feel so strongly about providing a solid education in all keys. Mostly, because I learned the hard way. You could very well say, my teaching is the highlighted summary of every tidbit I wish I had known when I started to learn to play piano almost 50 years ago. I wish I had had teacher who could have taught me back then as I am guiding my students in the present. But then -- it was my life’s path to develop this method of teaching piano. Play Piano in All Keys Complete Workbook is my innovative answer to streamlined teaching piano. This is my EVERYTHING book -- all fingering charts practice logs, practice instructions and theory explanations are included here. All my students work with this book.

If I take a look at my book and teaching; actually I did not invent anything new at all; all I did was streamline and innovate.

Maybe I could say, I contributed to update Czerny’s school of teaching piano. Czerny was the master teacher of the 19th century. The great emphasis in teaching then was, to teach to read notes quickly and get a student to read difficult music in as quickly a time as possible. You must understand, at that time, there was no TV, no electricity, no telephone, no cars, no movies, no computers, no video games.

Playing piano was one of the main highlights of entertaining friends. Sheet music was quite expensive and difficult to purchase. Many of the operas were transcribed to be played on the piano and the more educated middle class and upper classes took piano lessons in order to be able to play and perform opera transcriptions of their favorite popular songs at the time.

The emphasis in performance and entertainment was not absolute note perfection; the emphasis then was entertaining, enjoyment and having a great time.

In today’s times there are so many distractions, so many activities happening; school, sports, social obligations, community service, projects, computer, TV, video games, travel,… the times are moving amazingly fast. When children in present time learn to play piano, it needs to be fast paced; the results need to be there immediately. Parents (at least the parents of my students) want to see their children instructed efficiently, they want to work towards achievable goals and they want their children to play piano well, if in any way possible.

For that reason, I developed the Play Piano In All Keys Fingering Charts that I use with all my students from lesson one on. Before students are too busy learning new songs, we are taking advantage of the very beginning time and work scales patterns immediately while working on regular beginners method books.

I call my method the missing link in piano education I feel that passionate about the approach and results. I am even hesitant to say my book is a method; for me it is simply a very logic necessity and answer to teaching piano. It is what I have been looking for, well I could say, my entire life. It is a summary of what I wish I had known when I started to play piano 50 years ago.

Several teachers are already using my fingering charts with their students with excellent results.

The fingering charts in their design allow a student to relax the mind and concentrate on pulse and finger technique while working the scales chords/cadences and arpeggios patterns. As simple as it is -- a student can literally open up the book and start playing any Major or minor scales including black keys scales. And as you may know, black keys scales are quite tricky to master, but they are manageable with the Play Piano in All Keys Complete Workbook.

One of my very talented students starting teaching piano himself at age 16 using the Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook, also with excellent results. His student is now also entering piano recitals, festivals and auditions. he attributes his early teaching success to applying the logic principles in Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook. This Workbook is a summary of searching my entire life for answers first for resolving my own piano playing issues and then helping my students to streamline their progress and efficiency in practicing.

Complete Work Book

ISBN: 978-1-935967-02-6; 220 pages, coil bound, 8.5" x 11"

Play Piano In All Keys Complete Work Book is the book all my students purchase when they start taking lessons with me: Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook; it contains all the fingering charts plus practice logs and my theory and practice explanations.

1. If you are an adult beginner, this is the book I recommend.

2. If you are a teacher and would like to know what I put in front of my students, please pick up a copy of the Complete Workbook.

3. If you are a self taught composer or pianist in any style, this is the book I am recommending. Even if you never read any notes before in your life, you can immediately open this book and start playing. The instructions and charts are self explanatory.

4. If you would like to learn the scales correctly, purchase this book and use it daily for practice.

5. If you are a parent and would like to help your children succeed in piano playing, please purchase this book; it will greatly facilitate learning these patterns and speed up overall progress. What is typically learned in 8 years can be easily achieved in one or two years of piano lessons.

ISBN: 978-1-935967-02-6; 220 pages, coil bound, 8.5″ x 11″

A good description of the contents of Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook is in this article. You can also purchase a copy here: http://playpianoinallkeys.com/complete-workbook/

Or purchase here directly:  http://playpianoinallkeys.com/products-page/

Play Piano In All Keys Scales, Chords/Cadences, Arpeggios Charts Only

Piano Scales Chords Cadences Arpeggios Fingering Charts

ISBN: 978-1-935967-03-3, 120 pages, coil bound, 8.5" x 11"

If you are a teacher and you have your successful ways of teaching scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios and would like to add the usefulness of fingering charts to streamline teaching piano playing basics, you can purchase the Play Piano In All Keys Scales, Chords/Cadences, Arpeggios Charts Only books.

It is cut and dry all fingering charts for all keys including enharmonic keys. I know teachers who handwrite these scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios charts. Well, these charts are now in print and are useful for preparing all levels from Elementary through Advanced levels for scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios skills.

This book is for you:

1. if you are a teacher or student and you know how to practice and you just need a reference book for solid and accurate fingering;

2. if you are a keyboardist or composer and need a reference book on fingering;

3. if you are a student and you are looking for an easy way to help you refresh scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios; if you need fingering at a glance, especially for the black keys scales and arpeggios; if you are a piano student and need to learn the Piano Guild scales, chords/cadences, arpeggios musicianship phases; this book contains the charts you need for most scales, chords/cadences, arpeggios requirements from Elementary through College levels. Any elements not included are easily added, since this book provides a complete and solid foundation.

ISBN: 978-1-935967-03-3, 120 pages, coil bound, 8.5″ x 11″

Purchase here: http://playpianoinallkeys.com/products-page/

A video showing the book:  Play Piano In All Keys Scales, Chords/Cadences, Arpeggios Fingering Charts:

This video gives a good description of the book; I still use Play Piano In All Keys Scales, Chords/Cadences, Arpeggios Fingering Charts Only today to help my High Schoolers help prepare for their Piano Guild high School Diploma programs. This book is especially useful when a student in more advanced levels is not used to playing scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios. Many organizations do not require as many scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios skills; this book is extremely helpful for students to review and catch up on scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios skills. When a student can play through the entire book, I can tell you, they have a good foundation; if they actually also follow my practice instructions students acquire an excellent piano playing foundation. And as a teacher this book is a dream to work with. The little ones love playing through it! Love playing scales! -- As a teacher I am in heaven -- it’s still difficult enough to get them through it; but they just read the charts and play one scale after another, one page after another. at least they are repeating correct notes and correct fingering; and eventually even with little practice, the scales patterns, chords/cadences and arpeggios patterns will stick!

The three single books are 44 pages each. They are Scales Only, Chords/Cadences Only and Arpeggios Only books. They are excellent for preparing all scales, all chords/cadences and all arpeggios. They are all listed white keys first, then black keys.

The Scales Charts Only book is for you:

Piano Scales Fingering Charts Play Piano In All Keys

ISBN: 978-1-935967-05-7; 44 pages; 8.5"x11" coil bound

1. if you are a student practicing all white keys scales and then all black keys scales or if you are practicing in the circle of fifths. If you are preparing the scales musicianship phases in the Piano Guild auditions and you would like to play all scales white keys then black keys or circle of fifths.

2. if you are a teacher preparing the Piano Guild auditions, the Royal Conservatory of Music piano examinations, the MTAC Certificate of Merit(TM)

3. if you are a self taught pianist and simply need an easy way to learn all Major and minor scales.

4. if you are a student, you are familiar with the scales and would like to speed them up securely, so you can practice playing speeds of 132 -- 176 on the metronome, four notes per metronome click. This book is an excellent way to relax the mind, so you can pay attention to the physical motion and work out and speed up those scales. All scales are sorted as parallel scales: C Major then c harmonic, c melodic and c natural minor; practicing all parallel scales eliminates mental fatigue and you can practice many repetitions easily while staying mentally alert.

5. if you are a musician and simply need a clear reference book on piano scales. There are no notes to read. You can immediately open the book and start playing any scale, including black keys scales. Even if you do not read bass clef or key signatures, you can immediately play both hands, accurately.

ISBN: 978-1-935967-05-7; 44 pages; 8.5″x11″ coil bound

Purchase here: http://playpianoinallkeys.com/products-page/

Take a quick look at the Scales Charts Only book, here is a short video:

The Primary Chords/Cadences Charts Only:

Play Piano In All Keys Fingering Charts Primary Chords Cadences Only

ISBN: 978-1-935967-06-4; 44 pages; 8.5"x11" coil bound

This Primary Chords/Cadences Charts Only book evolved from how I wanted students to learn chords, inversions and cadences. Before I put the book together I had my level 4 and 5 students hand draw them. Well, then there were those students who did not draw them and did not learn them. Then I had to work ten times as hard still getting them to pass… So I sat down and started designing how I really wanted the charts too look like. There is a logic to it. First the I-IV-V chords are defined, then inverted (the lowest note goes to the top); now all chords that are used in the cadences have been warmed up -- the fingers and ear are used to them; now the cadences can be played easily; the cadences are read from the bottom box to the top, like a tree. Play root position first, then first inversion and then second inversion; like a tree grows from the roots, then first year and then second year growth. You can see the chords pages in the first video above (scales, chords/cadences, arpeggios only fingering charts)

ISBN: 978-1-935967-06-4; 44 pages; 8.5″x11″ coil bound

Purchase here: http://playpianoinallkeys.com/products-page/

This is the Arpeggios Charts Only book:

Play Piano In All Keys Arpeggios Charts Only

ISBN: 978-1-935967-04-0; 44 pages; 8.5"x11" coil bound

If I would have had this book when I was little I would have been in heaven! It took me so many years to learn arpeggios and inversions and eventually get the fingering right. Nowadays my 5-year old students can play arpeggios and they think nothing of it, just fun playing. I am jealous! But then I hear good music as a piano teacher and that makes up for all the trouble of sitting down and putting these books together. My jeans wore thin and I put on 20 pounds, all true! I am not making this up. But this little book alone is worth all the trouble! Just think, how much would it be worth to you if you had an easy and effortless way to learn arpeggios. And in my opinion the greatest stumbling block still is to read these key signatures, notes and small print finger numbers. I can tell you with 100% certainty that not one single student of mine could play as they are without these fingering charts. I have very young students who practice maybe 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day and they can play four octave arpeggios in root position and inversions in all keys including black keys. And I can tell you, that this would be absolutely impossible if they had to read the notes! Most of them that young have not worked through enough theory books to be able to read five, six or seven sharps or flats in a key signature, let alone play pieces or read notes in these key signatures. But, they can play all scales four octaves, they can play all chords and all arpeggios in all keys. They are working their fingers, training their ears and learning the note names correctly long before they get to playing difficult repertoire. As soon as they worked their fingers well and know some of these patterns we can select matching pieces. I love it! I cannot wait for the next lesson and hear the progress made!

Purchase the Arpeggios ONLY fingering charts book here: http://playpianoinallkeys.com/products-page/

ISBN: 978-1-935967-04-0; 44 pages; 8.5″x11″ coil bound

Play Piano In All Keys Complete Scales Workbook:

Play Piano In All Keys Workbook Scales

ISBN: 978-1-935967-07-1; 112 pages; 8.5"x11" coil bound

Here is another excellent book; it is a scales work book. All scales fingering charts are included, all practice logs, practice instructions, theory instructions as pertaining to scales.

If you are only interested in practicing scales, but you also would like to know a little about theory how I explain the structure of scales, then you could consider this book. It contains the fingering charts for all Major, harmonic, melodic and natural minor scales. They are all sorted in parallel sets: C everything -- C Major, C harmonic, c melodic and c natural minors; it is easy to practice these sets since the fingering only changes very little from Major to the parallel minors. The practice logs give you a place to take note which speed you are able to play and which scales you have accomplished.

Purchase here: http://playpianoinallkeys.com/products-page/

ISBN: 978-1-935967-07-1; 112 pages; 8.5″x11″ coil bound

Major and Harmonic Minor Scales, The Way I Teach Them,…

Major and harmonic Minor Scales, The Way I Teach Them...

ISBN: 978-1-935967-00-2; e-book pdf download; 78 pages

This is an ebook in pdf -- available for immediate download; best read on the computer screen; in color; about 78 pages.

I started to develop this book in 2008 as a solution to teach the technique requirement. Many of my students really like using this book, as well as the Melodic Minor and Natural Minor Book and the Arpeggios Book, since they are in color. And the color images are refreshing and easy to look at. The eyes tire less. The book Major and Harmonic minor Scales, The Way I Them,… includes over 40 pages of practice hints that summarize the secrets of how to progress. When I came out with the B/W print book Play Piano In All Keys, several of my students were sad that they would no longer use the colorful charts of  …The Way I Teach Them… books. But I felt for daily practice the print books were more concise, just page turning, not managing three books.

This book is also available as a Kindle download from Amazon.com. US and UK. However, as a kindle book, the file is converted to a black and white file and the charts are converted to BW images. The charts are very legible and usable and all instructions are right there as well. And -- if you have a Kindle, use it to practice piano. And the price is unbeatable. Available from Amazon.Com US here: Major and Minor Scales The Way I Teach Them

Coming Soon: Melodic and Natural Minor Scales, The Way I Teach Them…

Melodic and Natural Minor Scales, The Way I Teach Them...

ISBN: 978-1-935967-08-8, pdf e-book; 47 pages

This book contains many theory explanations and practice instructions. My students really enjoyed using this book; the color images made practicing the Melodic and parallel Natural minors very easy. This ebook is perfect for use on an ipod or other digital device that can read a color pdf file.

Coming Soon! Major and Minor Arpeggios, The Way I Teach Them,…

Major and Minor Arpeggios, The Way i Teach Them

ISBN: 978-1-935967-09-5,pdf e-book; 37 pages

This is an ebook that is very pleasing to the eye with it’s purple back drop. My students really enjoyed working with it, it looked so pretty. Now, they are using the ebook on their computers and ipods when they are not using the print books for practice. The book is available as an immediate download as an e-book in pdf. 37 pages that are putting the practice messages across and the fingering charts for all Major and Minor Arpeggios in root position and inversions. The colors are a welcome change from the usual black and white format of books and they helped teach my students to keep their eyes on the charts to check the fingering accuracy.

Please, enjoy a brief interview with Patrick Xu (14). He started working with me in october 2009; he needed to work his technique completely over and although he had scales and arpeggios, the fingering was not exact. he also needed to learn styles, how to practice and repertoire. None of his earlier pieces were usable. In the short time of 2009/2010 and 2010/2011 Patrick completed the MTAc Certificate of Merit Advanced Level theory exemption and two piano Guild 15-piece programs with newly learned college level difficulty. Patrick was also a S CA Junior Bach Festival Branch and Regional Winner and Steinway Awards Festival scholarship recipient of 2011.

This is what Patrick Xu (age 14) would like to tell us about the play Piano In All Keys books and the …The Way I Teach Them… e-books:

Instructional videos for a one-time fee or monthly subscription are coming soon, please bookmark this page. Observe, how I am able to practice and shape and layer the details! Coming SOON! Promise!

Please, enjoy — and Play Well!


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