"Discover a FAST, PROVEN SYSTEM You Can Use to Immediately Play Piano in all keys...MASTER ALL SCALES (Major, harmonic, Melodic, Natural Minors), Chords / Cadences and Arpeggios EFFORTLESSLY... YES YOU CAN!!!

... Without ANY Note Reading Skills or YEARS of prior PIANO PRACTICE AND LESSONS" - so easy, 5 year olds can learn scales in their first piano lesson -- THE RIGHT WAY!!!

Play Piano In All Keys Complete Work Book
All Major, Minor Scales, Primary Chords / Cadences, Arpeggios Fingering Charts,
Theory and Practice Instructions

220 pages; 8.5" x 11" coil bound
ISBN: 978-1-935967-02-6

From the desk of Eva Martin
Tuesday, 10:28 a.m.
Dear Friend,

Did you always WANT TO PLAY THE PIANO and NEVER had the opportunity or guidance to learn the basics in piano the right way? Did you want to play in all keys, learn all scales, Primary chords, arpeggios the RIGHT WAY? Did you ever wonder how scales are built and how the Major scales relate to the Minor scales? Did you ever wonder HOW the BASIC CHORDS are BUILT, rather than just memorizing? DId you ever want to learn to play arpeggios and never got past looking at the notes and closing the book?

How many books, lessons and courses have to tried that only gave you half of the answers you were looking for (or none at all! -- Or took you through BABY STEPS that was too easy, or GIANT STEPS that were too difficult?

You should be very excited to hear, that I am offering an ONE BOOK with the immediate answers. Start playing correctly the moment you have the book in your hands....

From day 1 at the piano to playing virtuoso pieces this book will guide you through the scales (Major, Harmonic, Melodic, Natural Minors) Primary Chords and Cadences and Arpeggios THE RIGHT WAY.

Yes, YOU CAN LEARN THE PROPER WAY for classical piano with the introduction of this book!

"I have Piano students tell me time and time, that they learned more in four weeks of lessons with me, than in all of their prior years combined ... and the secrets are in the BASICS they never learned properly and could finally catch up!"

My Piano Studio is living proof, that absolutely ANYONE any age can learn play Piano and play Piano well, and the first time ever, I am sharing the know-how in this book with you, I also want YOU TO PLAY PIANO WELL and learn and know how to. I WANT YOU TO STOP STRUGGLING and start practicing correctly in order to EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS in your music and in the pieces you want to learn or create.

  • My students consistently play and perform well, despite their many other activities in school they also excel in. And as you read a little about some of the success stories in this letter, remember that every single one of them was EXACTLY where you are right now... wondering if what I told them really worked.
  • We just entered another local competition and almost all my students placed or received Honoralbe Mentions. Everyone applauded to their expression and feeling in their music and security of memory in performance.
  • Year after year my Piano Studio has one of the largest entries in many local Piano events. My students are being noticed time and time again for their beautiful and secure playing.

I am not here to brag... I am here to help YOU develop your Piano playing ability, your technique and understanding of basic theory so you can develop your skills to let your talent flow and put your focus on enjoying the music you are playing rather than fighting fingering and pulse.

Well basically there is no other book like
"Play Piano in all keys":

In my three and a half years of piano I have used many scale, chord, arpeggio and so forth books and this is by far the best! It is very self explanatory in both visual and literal ways, no other book Iíve used has ever had written instructions on how to practice control, touch, and proper fingering to get Every scale at lighting speed. From beginning to end this book has step by step instructions that are perfect for learning and mastering the phases. Filled with exercises this book teaches every scale major, harmonic, melodic, and natural minor form with great fingering for every key, theory for these keys so you can learn to memorize and play with a very easy way of learning from its step by step directions. The books chords and cadences are great because it shows you how to play the root, 1st inversion and 2nd inversion and at the same time your learning and absorbing the theory! The arpeggios are good as well with great fingering and practice notes to insure you are learning and playing them correctly. Finally this book has detailed explanations for Theory, sight reading, pedaling, note values, and how to use everything in the book to progress your abilities. This book is made perfectly so you can learn how play, understand, enjoy, and exceed playing the piano!

Mitchell J.(age 16), Temecula, CA

Like a guide line:

The scale charts are like a guide line or a teacher right there with you.

Kenna B., (age 9) Lake Elsinore, CA

After using the book for the first time:

After using the book for the first time, the first thing that came out of my mouth was:"Oh, I get it now!"

Sierra R., (age 14) Lake Elsinore, CA

This book has helped me through all my years of theory.

It puts an end to the stress and struggle of learning scales, arpeggios, cadences and chords with unorganized fingerings. This book is a very helpful guide to helping you perfect every type of scale and chord in every key imaginable, with an organized fingering chart to help you through each phase of your Certificate of Merit (TM) with no trouble. It also gives you hints and lessons about playing and practicing technique, making Certificate of Merit (TM) a breeze to succeed in. I highly recommend this book to everyone who plays piano.

Bret P. (age 15), Canyon Lake, CA

I wish I had had this manual when I grew up and learned to play the piano. I would have learned all basics so much quicker, so much more exacting. My practice time would have been spent so much more efficient. I learned all my scales with conventional notes and a few fingers written in and that forever left uncertainties that prevented me from focusing on the important areas while practicing scales: exact fingering, effortless technique and flawwless pulse. And I had 14 years of scales, chords / cadences and arpeggios instructions and exams. But I did not have the RESULTS then that I am having with my students almost INSTANTLY nowadays. And the only difference is the approach to mastering the scales - Major, Harmonic, Melodic and Natural Minors, Primary Triads, Inversions, Basic I-IV-I-V-I Cadences (in three positions), Arpeggios (one to four octaves in three positions Major and Minor)

If you are reading this website, you ARE LOOKING for ANSWERS:

Many adult students come to me, asking: "Why are scales so important, I can play scales,....see?" and then I usually hear a "noodled" something or another of rushing over keys as quickly as possible, some wrong notes, fingering messed up, running out of fingers,... and "Oh, I need to practice a little more,... but I can do it, let me try again,..." and then the same pile of smudged, uneven, hammered loudly or soundless, no pulse scales evolve and maybe even at a faster speed yet,.... sounds familiar? And then, the next question: "I know I whould be practicing more, and I know I need scales,... but can we work on a piece now?... There is is wonderful piece I heard by soandso and I really would like to play it,....!" I usually take a deep breath and with all the patience I can muster, explain: "Well, why don't we start playing the piece you would like to work on and work it very slowly so you can enjoy your playing, but at the same time, I would like to work with you scales, so you cultivate your musical and tonal foundation, so we are not working basic technique in the piece you would like to play, but we can actually focus on projecting your talent, your musicality and beautiful sound and your piece will grow effortlessly?"

Then - out comes THE BOOK and once over the initial way of learning scales precisely, we are on our way. Twelve weeks, one tonality set a week and we have mastered for a first time all the scales with good pulse, exact fingering, understanding the Primary Triads, inversions and Cadences and learned finger gymnastics in the Arpeggios. What an accomplishment.

And then, for some miraculous reason, the pieces we wanted to learn progress so much quicker. If this would not happen time and time again, I would not go through the trouble of spending my time advertising. But I am passionate to share this success recipe and bring a way to you to also master these basics, master them well - as if you had me walk you through personally, note by note, finger by finger.

And then after several weeks fo on and off scales work, the pieces we are working on are coming along miraculously quick!

Don't look at this book as another quick scheme, baby book, simplified haha or anything of this sort. This book is a workbook that demands it's place in everyone's piano lessons library. Fingering charts and scales books have been around FOREVER.

But the question is: Are you learning your piano basics effortlessly or are you struggling and stressing making your exam deadlines? Besides, piano playing should be FUN, not stressful. IT?

THIS MANUAL WALKS YOU THROUGH EVERY SINGLE SCALE -- it is so easy, you can actually start thinking about what is essential while practicing your skills: FINGERING AND PULSE and a little theory!!! Learn your scales for LIFE, the right WAY!

Here is a SUMMARY of what is included in the 204 pages of this book:

  • Large logic, easy to read charts that even 5 year olds can decipher once introduced and play easily
  • Instructions on how to read the charts and how to get started practicing to get immediate RESULTS
  • Instructions how to speed up scales working with the metronome
  • You learn theory while practicing the scales, chords/cadences and arpeggios
  • The worbook is grouped in "tonality set" - you are learning to TUNE INTO ONE KEY and you are learning all Major and Parallel Minors, Chords / Cadences and Arpeggios. Everything "C", then everything "G", etc. white keys first and then all black keys. Enharmonic scales and arpeggios included.
  • Structured as a workbook: take notes and keep track of your daily practice progress
  • Scales have FOCUS ARROWS for important fingers
  • Scales include theory reference parallel Major / Minor and Relative Major / Minor NOTICES.
  • Each set of scales includes fingering REMINDERS.
  • Each Chords section shows how the Primary Chords (Triads) are built on scale notes, the inversions of each Primary Chord and the Cadences I-IV-I-V-I in all three positions in Major and Harmonic Minor.
  • Tonic Major and Tonic Minor Arpeggios are structured in columns, helping you focus on the correct keys and fingering. Arpeggios include all three positions.
  • Basic Theory explanations: The structure of scales: Whole and Half steps, Tetrachords.
  • Intervals - THINK THEORY
  • Intervals, Major plus Minor Equals Perfect
  • Major and Parallel Harmonic Minor
  • Major and Relative Minor Scales Relationship
  • The simplicity of Modes
  • Tonic = Tonal Gravity Center
  • Fingering Secrets (The basics, how I finger pieces)
  • How long is a quarter note?
  • Basic Legato Pedaling (the proper hand foot co-ordination, beginning exercise)
  • Reading the Grand Staff
  • Notes Reading with Flash Cards exercises
  • The essence of Sight Reading
  • Muscle and Mind Fatigue, how to relax, the basic principles of tension and relaxation
  • How to play 2 against 3 notes
  • What is pulse and phrasing?
  • Many motivational paragraphs, referring on visualizing, the law of attraction and getting results
  • Fast and Slow progress
  • The How-To-Do's
  • How can you play correctly, if you do not know what it means?
  • The Artist in YOU
  • Love your mistakes, you learn from them!
  • Piano playing as a 10,000 piece puzzle explained


Don't you LOVE the idea of IMMEDIATELY? -- no, you do not need weeks, months, years of lessons to learn theory, notes, chords, sight reading IN ORDER TO GET GOING AND PLAY!!! --

  • LOGIC, LARGE TO READ PRINT, helping you to focus visually on the CORRECT KEYS and letter names
  • ANY MUSICIAN, ANY GENRE can benefit from this book
  • If you are a budding classical pianist, if you are a keyboardist, singer or play any instrument - you can benefit from this book, since it focuses on the essence
  • There are No Notes to get HUNG UP ON and give UP LEARNING
  • Focus on what is essential: Fingering and pulse(you need accurate fingering, so with a little practice you get those fingers moving effortlessly on almost automatic and you can focus on your creative interpretation and your musical pulse and feeling
  • Effortlessly learn control in all tempi
  • Visual structure of the scales is shown with white keys and beveled black keys
  • Start playing correctly IMMEDIATELY
  • If you had piano lessons, you will pride yourself that you can play some scales -- but is the fingering accurate? These charts will help you permanently fix fingering errors
  • All black keys Major and Minor scales included.
  • Effortlessly learn the Primary chords in all keys
  • Effortlessly learn inversions of the Primary Triads
  • Effortlessly learn cadences using the Primary Triads IN ALL KEYS!
  • Effortlessly learn Arpeggios in all Major and all Minor keys (Root position, 1st and 2nd inversions)
  • Note names, theory instructions create a thought understanding grid -- no detours -- logic, simplistic understanding and instant application of tonality and scales, chords, cadences and arpeggios

    Once you have learned the scales, chords / cadences basics with this manual, you will be able to focus on YOUR SOUNDS (beautiful classical tone execution or your particular sound as a composer / artist). Connect with your talent and enjoyment, project how YOU FEEL in your playing. This book is for you and about YOU playing your music. Once you learned your basics and you learned to enjoy your playing of scales, chords, arpeggios, learning new pieces is so much easier, since you know all tonalities already.

    It takes the same effort to learn something properly as it takes to learn it soso. This book walks you through tonality basics the right way. Most music written builds on scales, chords/ cadences and arpeggios one way or another. Getting a good grip on those basics, gives you a head start for learning those pieces you always wanted to learn and were out of your reach. Suddenly they will be so much easier and quicker to master.

    If learning some pieces was an impossible dream in the past for you, it will suddenly become a much more realistic possibility, without necessarily adding hours and hours of practice. Grow into total mastery and understanding of ALL MAJOR, HARMONIC, MELODIC and NATURAL MINOR scales. Grow into practicing CHORDS and CHORD PROGRESSIONS. Practice Arpeggios, see how easy these piano gymnastic exercises really are. Re-enforce theory thought steps for a flawless theory understanding of tonality basics. You are practicing tonality "sets" to help alleviate mind fatigues. For the first time, you can actually LEARN and RELAX into a tonality effortlessly. Motivational pages included; learn to visualize and attract the correct keys in your virtual sound memory.
  • Learn to create your musical mind effortlessly: learn from my 46 years of passion, dedication, research and application. I really WANT YOU to play YOUR BEST.
  • This is a manual for the EVERYONE -- it provides you with instant playing ability in all keys (Major, Harmonic, Melodic, Natural Minors)
  • Give your fingers that daily easy workout, get your fingers under perfect control.
  • If you cannot play all keys in all tempi with perfect control, you can improve, this manual will help you.
  • If you are an instrumentalist and are learning piano in order to complete your music education, this manual will greatly help you, getting you through the chore of mastering scales, chords / cadences and arpeggios.
  • With this manual the DIFFICULTY of learning scales, chords / cadences and arpeggios is greatly minimized. In conventional scale books students are attempting to read small print sparse finger numbers while struggling to decipher notes with sharps and flats in the key signature. Most of the time only the very dedicated students have the stamina and will power to push through these difficulties.

    NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME, THIS WORK BOOK OF FINGERING CHARTS IS AVAILABLE. All traditional classical fingerings are used. All traditional chords symbols are used.

    I have 5 year old (and older, including adults) piano students start learning scales in their 3rd ever lesson in piano. It is so simple and so clear to understand. This is a system that ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE can use RIGHT AWAY.

    Maybe some conventional teachers, who only teach the very gifted and advanced piano geniuses, would discard this system. But then piano geniuses could and would learn music even if it was encrypted even more. But, even those geniuses can benefit from using these charts and taking their eight notes per half note speeds from 80 to over 112 (Czerny School of Velocity Speeds). These speeds are four notes per quarter (Metronome click) from 100 - 216.

    In other words, if you literally cannot play each scale (Major, harmonic, Melodic, Natural Minors) four octaves in each metronom speed, this manual will help you get there.

    I am including my How to PRACTICE PLAYING AT LIGHTNING SPEED FREE REPORT Part 1, because I really WANT YOU TO GET THE FULL BENEFIT FROM USING THESE CHARTS, that is, if you have an interest in piano speed techniques. AND this FREE REPORT SHOULD GET YOU STARTED.

220 pages; 8.5" x 11" coil bound
ISBN: 978-1-935967-02-6

46 years of passion, dedication, research and application is what stands behind writing this manual. The answers are so simple -- but it took all this time of research and study to be able to explain this subject in a simple form. Over 500 gold medals, certificates and superior ratings in my students auditions and competitions are living proof of the validity of this method.

10 years ago, I used to hand draw these charts. Years later, I asked my students to draw them up - but they did not have time. We practiced chords with these methods, without the charts - it took some push and was stressful at times.

NOW, I took the time and got thetyping work done, without compromising pages or ink, so you can have the immediate benefit of learning with these charts.

If you have never tried my layout, practice instructions and focus arrows, you do not know how effortlessly you can learn and improve with this book.

Now, you have the means to effortlessly and accurately practice your Piano Basics and focus on all important aspects of tonality, basics of theory, scales, Primary chords, inversions, cadences and arpeggios in root position and inversions one after another.

The stress and effort has been removed.

Important Memorization Guidelines

Have you ever wondered how to memorize a piece of music securely, other than just playing it over and over and over? Have you ever wondered how you could play a piece perfectly at home, only to mess up or even FREEZE UP in a public performance. Well, this report reveals the techniques that I used successfully to learn virtuoso 150 page programs for recital performance. These are the techniques I share with my students any ages that help them play 10 - 15 piece programs securely from memory in their Annual Guild auditions. These techniques work with beginning programs as well as very Advanced programs. Please, enjoy!

How to practice secure and lightning speed for piano performance Part 1

If you ever wondered how to get controlled, clean, fast, secure scales, chords or arpeggios passages in the pieces you are working on...

If you ever wondered how you could improve the quality and precision in your playing, without needing to take YEARS of lessons before you would find a teacher who could explain it to you....

If your muscles are locking up and you are hitting a speed wall (may not even be that fast),... how do you FIX IT!!!

Each one of my students who read through the report could start implementing this technique in practice. Each one, even the youngest studentst had fantastic improvements in a short time, and so CAN YOU!

Even if you followed only partially my suggestions, you will notice an immediate improvement.

"Get started IMMEDIATELY - 12 weeks and you have covered your PIANO BASICS..."

You will see immediate improvements.

You are not learning any short cuts or simplified renditions. You are learning the REAL THING. You are learning traditional, classical fingering for your Major / Minor Scales, chords / cadences and Arpeggios.These are the theory explanations I always explain to my students which ultimately helps them pass their classical theory exams.

There is no other as simple hands-on stand-alone Piano Manual available ANYWHERE, that gives you literally IMMEDIATE RESULTS, if you follow the charts and EASY practice recommendations.

I wish you the very best, as always, to your success. Not only to get through the Manual and Play Piano in all Keys, but to start then, as an immediate RESULT, to play your repertoire and creative work at a much better level. I hope, working through this book will be an inspiring and freeing journey for you to help you express your musical thoughts and feelings.

Eva Martin Hollaus

Don't be intimidated by Piano technique, classical Piano theory, chords / cadences or Arpeggios. The skills are yours -- just dive in and enjoy!!! Don't wait another day, the days of struggle are just a waste of time. Be successful, you can do it!

Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved Eva Martin Hollaus