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I am teaching private lessons in Perris and Temecula, CA.

I am also offering long distance lessons via skype or logitech video.

All my private lessons are in a master class style if possible, with other students present working on their theory books. All in a non competitive and friendly, yet challenging environment. Most of my students are ages 3 – 12th grade and adult. My emphasis is a solid piano playing foundation, solid pulse, theory, sight reading, ear training and performance. I help develop composers and creativity through a solid performance, theory, style education while allowing original creativity to flow freely with as few “rules and regulations” as possible. Most of my students participate in the California Certificate of Merit (TM) and the National Piano Playing Auditions (Guild) and many locally available competitive and non competitive events. My philosophy is: WINNING is a LOGICAL CONSEQUENCE OF PROPER PREPARATION. Therefore we FOCUS on the many layers of excellent preparations and PLAYING enjoyment. We never focus on “competing and placing” as such. This is the skill and know-how I am instilling in each of my students with a time efficient structural path to get there.

I am offering lessons via google video, skype or logitech; please email for details. I am offering regular weekly lessons and / or as needed problem solving lessons.

email: playpianoinallkeys@gmail.com

(800) 306-6011


Eva Martin Biography in a Nut shell:

Born in Vienna, Austria after the second World War. Completed the Matura at the Gymnasium Wien 3, Kundmanngasse 22 in 1978 and the State Certification to teach Piano at the Konservatorium Johannisgasse 4 , a private University, further music composition and theory courses at the University of Music in Vienna.

Extensive extended piano studies with Joanna Hodges and Mark Richman.

Participation in the 8th International Beethoven Piano Competition in Vienna, Austria and the Joanna Hodges International Piano Competition in the Desert.

Eva started the Eva Martin Hollaus piano Studio in Perris, CA in 2000. Her students amassed over 500 Gold Medals and Certificates in the Certificate of Merit ™, the Guild auditions and CAPMT and TVMTA events, being awarded many 1st place wins in local events:  Inland Empire Piano Festival, Young Artist’s Piano Competition, Southern California Junior Bach Festival (Regional 1st place wins).

Eva strives for finding innovative answers that will give results with any student, any level, not only the very gifted and promising talents aiming for a concert career.

“I am here to bring out the very best in everyone and connect the inner self and music to the sounds expressed through piano music.”

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