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This is a 14 page FREE report, walking you through step by step how I help my students acquire secure memorized performances. It does not take any special gifts or talents to be flawless in performance with memorized pieces. It just takes a little KNOW-HOW – and to tell you the truth – it took me 20 years to put the bits and pieces together that make up this report. It is tested step by step and my 210 successfully completed National / International programs in the National Guild Piano Playing Auditions are living proof. These programs require 10 – 15 memorized pieces for each audition – over 2,000 successfully memorized pieces plus scales, chords / cadences and arpeggios! And my students are average “kids” – not specially advertised “protégés” ONLY…. My knowledge is open to anyone, not just a select few. I am here to share and make available as much and as quickly as I can – the internet is a fantastic tool. I feel what I know should be available to anyone who wants to listen, not just a small private student circle. For that reason, I am working many hours to share my talents. I feel with the internet so much more can be accomplished and I am contributing my part. Please, sign in to receive my 14 page COMPLETELY FREE “IMPORTANT MEMORIZATION GUIDELINES, THE WAY I TEACH THEM,…” report and receive my newsletters with articles and announcements of new FREE video releases, as a well as product announcements.

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