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From Eva Martin Hollaus
Tuesday, 10:28 a.m.
Dear Friend,


Are you aware of the importance of practicing correctly?

How much time and money have you spent on Piano Lessons that got you no-where? How many years have you had lessons and you still feel you cannot play the Piano?

How many hours have you been practicing, and practicing and giving it your all and still not being able to get that flawless, effortless performance you always dreamed of?

DO you have this feeling for music, this love of sound and making music in you and you WANT TO UNLEASH YOUR INNER TALENT and JOY you have inside yourself, but need to KNOW HOW?

How many times have you tried to learn piano, wanted to play better, learn scales, learn fingering for scales, learn chords and arpeggios and never had the "right teacher" who could GET YOU to UNLEASH YOUR LOVE FOR THE MUSIC YOU WANT TO PLAY.

Can you play all scales Major and Minor flawlessly, perfectly timed with the metronome, perfect control and at all speeds? Are your scales sounding evenly, expressive, musical, with good rhythmic pulse?

Do you have good finger, wrist and arm control? Are you effortlessly playing fast or are you "locking up"?

Are you able to play all scales in Major and Harmonic, Melodic and Natural Minor or do you have some "stumbling blocks" and tonalities you stay away from, since "they are too difficult"?

ARE YOU ONLY SELECTING PIECES THAT USE WHITE KEYS and rarely pick pieces with black keys?

Are you looking at your favorite pieces and say:"I'll never be able to play this, I do not have the TIME to really learn this and it's just too difficult"?

Do you have a teacher who's single answer to all your pianistic problems is "YOU JUST HAVE TO PRACTICE"? — yet have no ANSWERS ON HOW TO?

Well, HOW DO YOU NEED TO PRACTICE to get immediate results in just a few minutes?

My name is Eva Martin Hollaus, I have been following my 50 years life passion of playing, learning, performing and teaching Classical Piano.

"I have to turn students away, who would gladly pay me my full tuition fee of $100.00 / hour, but my time schedule is filled up....

In the last eight years, building a brand NEW Piano Studio from scratch: 400 plus Gold Medals (Superior Certificates, Certificate of Merit (TM) Completions, Competition winners, National and International Guild Winners) with students ages 3 – 12th grade and adult

... For for the first time, I am sharing my Classical Piano Success Receips with anyone willing to spend 10 – 30 minutes 5-6 days a week practicing"

  • Born and raised and educated in Vienna, Austria, the town of music and the Viennese School of Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert
  • Completed my Bachelor of Music, Piano Education at The Conservatory of Music, Vienna at age 18 after attending the Conservatory for 8 years.
  • Attended the University of Vienna with Advanced studies in Counterpoint and Music History
  • Completed my General education with the "Matura" at age 18, also in the Gymnasium Kundmanngasse, Wien III.
  • Travels in Europe and USA, various piano Solo performances and accompanying soloists
  • Continued studies with Joanna Hodges, preparing participation in the 8th International Beethoven Competition in Vienna, Austria and The Joanna Hodges International Piano Competitions in Palm Desert, CA
  • Continued studies with Mark Richman (most of the Mozart Piano Concertos and recital preparation)
  • last recital performed 1991, included the Rachmanninov Op 39 No 1 through 9 Etude tableaux, The Prokofieff Op 75 No 1 through 10 Romeo and Juliet Suite and the Mozart Sonata KV 331 complete
  • Launched The Eva Martin Hollaus Piano Studio in 2000, with Annually averaging 28 Certificate of Merit (TM)Completions (including A Panel entry, Advanced Level and Senior Completion, many Convention Performances, all levels), Annually 25 – 35 Gold Medal Programs (National and International Winners) inthe National Guild Piano Playing Auditions, Annual participations in the CAPMT Piano Auditions, also entries in the CAPMT Honors and Bartok competitions and Ensemble Auditions
  • Students received several First places to Honorable Mentions in Inland Empire Piano Festival, Young Pianist Competitions, Junior Bach Branch Winners and Regional Winners
  • Member MTAC (TM), CAPMT, MTNA, TVMTA, National Guild of Piano Teachers

I'm proud of my accomplishments -- but I'm not telling you all of this to brag.

For the first time, the INSIDERS LOOK into Piano Lessons is available. I am here to share 43 years of following my passion, making this knowledge available to ANYONE who wishes to listen.

... find your REAL JOY IN YOUR OWN HEART, LEARN HOW TO EXPRESS YOUR OWN FEELINGS, YOUR OWN EMOTIONS IN YOUR MUSIC and most of all: IT IS SO EASY and so enjoyable and satisfying for yourself.

"In my Piano Studio, there is only space for about 40 "lucky" students.
But I feel strongly, that everyone should have the opportunity to great lessons and KNOW-HOW and find out just how EASY it is to play your absolute favorites YOURSELF"

...Unlike other teaching methods, those teach you nothing but following notes, and leave you unsatisfied and searching for more...

... Unlike other teachers who simply have no other solutions other than telling you practice for HOURS and yet the results you are looking for ARE STILL UNACCESSIBLE TO YOU.

My true BELIEF IS, that absolutely ANYONE can play piano with a little effort and KNOW-HOW and THAT IS AVAILBALBE RIGHT HERE, NOW...

Murrieta Musician accepts Appointment at
Air Force Academy

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Hi Eva, I enjoyed your book.

I thought the methods you use for memory were very helpful, and have actually started my students learning their pieces by memory hand separate as well as together. To be honest, I had learned about doing this in the past, and had talked a little bit about it with my students, but had not really enforced it as an absolutelynecessarypartoftheirroutine. Yourwritings"inspired" me ….. (as well as some problems my students were experiencing in their memory when under pressure) to seriously require the extra memory work exercises. As far as scales….. that was interesting too. I learned the traditional WWHWWWH method, which seems to work, but I may try out your method, especially for those younger ones that just don't seem to "get it". All and all, I thought your book was a good investment! Thanks!

When I was in my teens, I felt I wanted nothing more than play piano, I was practicing daily 3 hours, besides the very difficult school I attended. But I felt I did not know: how to really quickly learn, how to be efficient in practicing, how to master flying finger technique, how to play scales really accurate, how to memorize with accuracy and reliability, how to really develop piano technique (we were taught a "finger snap" technique that worked very well with 19th century Harpsichords, but not the modern piano or modern piano repertoire).

However, my foundation was formed, my ear was trained with listening to innumerous live recitals of the World's best pianists in the Musikverein and other famous Concert Halls, listening to hours of live Opera performances in the famous Vienna Opera, visiting the Beethoven, Schubert and Mozart houses, all museums, visiting often the Doblinger, a sheet music store that literally owned three full stories of sholves floor to ceiling of sheet music new and used (unlike most music stores in the USA, where you have a few shelves of classical method books — if you are lucky). I can consider myself extremely lucky, I have Vienna, Vienna music, Vienna Waltzes, the Hungarian Gypsy music and fabulous performances in my blood, ear and memory engrained, and all that besides my parents, especially my father insisting we visit museums every Sunday (you know I would have rather played in the park) — but learning and growing into all the culture was really important in my upbringing.

My teens left me with this desire to fulfill my dreams in making and performing music, but I had gaps, I was missing essential bits and pieces. I found the answers after I came to the USA and studied with Joanna Hodges and then with Mark Richman and while "waiting" for my citizenship was busy reading any publication about present and past pianists, piano technique, composers that were already my specialty (Viennese School:

Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert) and one by one I could answer my questions.

These times of learning and searching were so important because it allowed me to develop and understand in full and very detailed: piano, piano progress, piano technique, piano know how, problems of playing and interpreting piano among others...

I acquired the ability and developed my gift to PREDICT: Example: A new students comes to take lessons with me, after a brief introduction, maybe one or two lessons, I can "get a feel" for the student and start my assumptions of predicting the progress. It's like rolling out the red carpet in front of the student and saying: "Please, come this way, try this way more than the other way and let me know what you think,..." Well my newest student, age 15 just told me TODAY, that in the three lessons we had together, she learned more than in the entire six years of taking lessons prior.

And all I can say is, thank you, much appreciated, I am glad I had the opportunity to learn so I can now be of help and fast forward the progress of those who desire it.

I know exactly how you feel:

Time after time, I have students come and take lessons with me, even after years of piano studies, playing advanced pieces, still cannot perform scales or Arpeggios or have chord knowledge.

When I went to the Conservatory in my teens, we diligently worked scales the conventional way: Major and relative minor. I can tell you, from my own experience I suffered through the scales just like any other student at that time – it was, oh my god, such a boring chore; I still remember dreading practicing through my technical requirements. And I have the feeling that my teachers back then also disliked teaching the scales as much they themselves had dreaded practicing them. They could not convey to me the utter importance of scales, chords and arpeggios. And only MUCH, MUCH later in my life did I fully realize the IMPORTANCE of practicing scales, chords and arpeggios and it took me YEARS to finally find the RIGHT ANSWERS.

I know exactly, how you feel: you just want to play PIECES WELL and ENJOY yourself and NEVER MIND THIS HARD STUFF!!!!!! (well, actually it is VERY SIMPLE AND EASY IF YOU KNOW HOW or were taught right).

My students who downloaded this book and started practicing with it, actually LOVED practicing Major and harmonic minor scales for the first time. They said, it was easy and within the few minutes they could spend, they could easily work their fingers and have fun running up and down the correct keys with correct fingering.

And ACTUALLY playing scales well is really FUN, since you KNOW you can just "plug them in" when a scale appears in your pieces and you can really CONCENTRATE on learning the piece, not taking endless attempting to master scale technique in a piece when you actually want to PLAY.

"With a bit of help, absolutely anyone can improve their piano skills with understanding the foundations of scales, chords and arpeggios and knowledgeable guidance in the right direction

... literally the entire knowledge of our teachers tree goes back... this vast knowledge and direct application goes directly back to Beethoven is available to you at your fingertips, with easy to follow large print charts and many video explanations showing you exactly HOW TO DO IT...

If I had received the quality Piano education I am able to provide for my students, my life would have had taken other directions,...

Instead, of having to find a Piano teacher who really KNOWS and pay exorbitant fees for their vast knowledge and often these master teacher are unavailable while touring and you would be missing out very important practice weeks, I had to learn these secrets through costly "trial and error."

Not knowing what I know now COST me YEARS of WASTED PRACTICE TIME, BECAUSE I WAS PRACTICING and did not know better! And I DID HAVE THE BEST OF TEACHERS IN MY CHILDHOOD THAT WE COULD AFFORD AND WHO WERE NOW, THE BEST TEACHING IS AVAILABLE, RIGHT HERE, GETTING RESULTS TIME AND TIME AGAIN… our Studio is living proof of consistent results for ANYONE, any age, the only requirement being an eagerness to listen and apply or simply put — JUST TRY IT! If my 5 and 6 year old students can learn a brand new 10 piece program in 8 weeks and learn to play 1, 2 and 4 octave scales, LEARNING A NEW SET EACH WEEK, then you can also find out how EASY IT SIMPLY INEFFICIENT IN MY AVAILABLE!!!!

You don't have to make the same errors I made in my years of lessons. I will show you how ABSOLUTELY EASY it is to play well, understand what you are playing and have fun with it.

Start with my Book Major and Harmonic Minor Scales, then Melodic and Natural Minor Scales and Arpeggios. You will see, getting your fingers warmed up, worked out, understand the keys, scales and tonalities you are working in, learn HOW TO PRACTICE and HOW TO BE EFFICIENT — so all you are looking for is enjoyable playtime. Learning new pieces is so easy,…. if you know how,… even the most difficult passages can be mastered.

All these very simple practice strategies I am sharing with you, will put you into the drivers seat of easily learning piece after piece, with well prepared fingers and an efficient, easy to learn practice regimen that gives RESULTS EVERY SINGLE TIME.

"How oftern did you find out, that your practice efforts got you nowhere and you have to START OVER!!!!! Maybe even looking for another teacher, or simply giving up on a piece you would LOVE TO PLAY AND PLAY WELL,…but how do you GET THERE?

Here are ANSWERS THAT ARE EASILY FOLLOWED with RESULTS for ANYONE wishing to play piano better and well...

... I am sharing with you YEARS of SUCCESS recipes, HOW -TOs, KNOW-HOW, that would take you a lifetime to learn


not just to a small group of students in my Studio, but TO ANYONE ANYWHERE, who is willing to take a LOOK"

And that's why I've decided to make these strategies available to you, in a special eBook that you can download in the next five minutes...

I'm just so SICK of the wasted time and money: seeing student after student coming to me, auditioning, and after 3 lessons telling me, that they learned MORE in these 3 lessons than combined in their last 6 years of piano lessons!!!!!

NOW, THE BEST TEACHING IS AVAILABLE, RIGHT HERE, GETTING RESULTS TIME AND TIME AGAIN... our Studio is living proof of consistent results for ANYONE, any age, the only requirement being an eagerness to listen and apply or simply put -- JUST TRY IT!

If my 5 and 6 year old students can learn a brand new 10 piece program in 8 weeks and learn to play 1, 2 and 4 octave scales, LEARNING A NEW SET EACH WEEK, then you can also find out how EASY IT REALLY IS to play flawlessly and beautifully.

Not only will you discover the fundamentals you need to know about practicing efficiently and accurately and playing piano, you'll find out that...

  • Working the scales will give you a never before acquired UNDERSTANDING AND FAMILIARITY WITH ALL KEYS (MAJOR AND ALL MINORS)
  • Avoid making practice errors that you could avoid "if you had KNOWN"...
  • Avoid fingering errors in scales that will cost you HOURS and HOURS of practice time later and errors learned will never FIX by themselves.
  • Learn how to efficiently and flawlessly practice with this so easily integrated practice routine ANYONE CAN BENEFIT FROM...
  • There are literally hundreds of fingering charts available and they are all PRETTY DIFFICULT TO USE. The fingering charts and practice instructions included in these books are EASY TO USE, SO EASY THAT EVEN MY 5 - 7 YEAR OLDS HAVE FUN PLAYING THEM AND ARE GETTING RESULTS EVERY TIME
  • The practice guidelines included are the very same guidelines all my students are using - mastering their Certificate of Merit requirements, Guild Piano Playing Auditions and CAPMT AUDITIONS AND COMPETITIONS AND OTHER COMPETITIONS!
  • Understanding your learning curve, understanding the fundamentals in an easy to absorb way
  • JUST THINK HOW MANY HOURS YOU ARE SAVING BY PRACTICING MORE EFFICIENTLY, your fingers are working better, it takes you so much less time learning new pieces and actually PLAYING THEM WELL -- even if you are only playing for your own enjoyment in your own living room.
  • LEARN THE BASIC CONCEPTS FO MAJOR AND HARMONIC MINOR SCALES, how to master them easily and effortlessly, in record time, and at the same time learn the foundation understanding classical tonality, which then is the foundation of all Jazz, Blues, Rock and other Modern tonalities

This e-book is available for instant download
in PDF format!
ISBN 978-1-9-35967-00-2
73 pages

"Let me Roll Out the Red Carpet for YOU!"

The Secret is in fully understanding all basics fully, which then speeded up, result in Virtuoso performances and artistic and accurate playing.

But let me tell you, if it was that simple to teach, EVERYONE WOULD BE DOING IT RIGHT, with the same great results. But you know, there are a LOT of piano teachers who are all doing their best and who do not have a single gold medal student in their Studio.

On the contrary, I am not selective singling out the biggest talents and parents with the largest checkbooks -- I take on any student who wishes to learn and is open to my suggestions and will at least try them.

So far it's only onward and forward, paving the easy to follow path to piano success.

A few months ago, I started a 6 year old; she had lessons on and off for about 5 months and her mom was looking for a better, more consistent teacher. Two months after starting lessons with me, the girl tested in the Guild auditions with a brand new 10 piece program and also playing three 2 and 3 page pieces. She passed with flying colors.

And she was practicing 30 minutes daily. Almost anyone would have thought she would have practiced at least 2 hours daily to be so accomplished so quickly and so young.

If you are looking to IMPROVE your piano playing skills, your piano learning skills, if you are open to take a look at long tested successful concepts that have proven to produce results time and time again -- you NEEDTOTAKEALOOK! Youcannotaffordnottoletthisopportunity pass by -- it never existed before and will ONLY be available for a short time, before the prices will go up!!!

And that's why I've decided to put a very reasonable price of just $27.95 on this eBook. -- but with the cost of promoting this eBook, I'll likely just break even.

I think that's a fair trade.

I truly want to make this book available to EVERYONE INTERESTED, and available NOW!

"One additional Super Bonuses valued at $30.00 are yours FREE, just for trying my 1st in a series, online EBook!"


This is my FREE REPORT of important steps to work through for a secure memorized performance. This is one of the many Secrets Revealed How I Teach Memorization in my Studio Resulting in 10 - 20 piece memorized programs for the National Guild Piano Playing Auditions for the Majority of my students (this year we had 25), last year 34, 28 in 2006, 18 in 2005.

"You literally have NOTHING to lose when you try these practice and memorization strategies!"

You have my unconditional guarantee that you will either SIMPLY KNOW MORE ABOUT PIANO, even if you NEVER PLAY A NOTE YOURSELF, YOU WILL DEFINITELY be able to help your child succeed practicing better and if you practice yourself, I personally guarantee, you will be MORE AT EASE, understanding your own, personal learning curve much better…

If you take this first step and find out what my course will do for you RIGHT NOW!!

It's that simple.

"Start YOUR JOURNEY of making beautiful MUSIC NOW..

I know, you have music in you, or you would not be reading this page and I know I fully KNOW YOU CAN DEVELOP and let YOUR INNER FEELINGS SHINE THROUGH IN YOUR EXPRESSION OF THE HEART BY FOLLOWING MY EASY INSTRUCTIONS"

In difficult or easy times, the music in YOU IS YOURS to enjoy and allow to cultivate and develop.

You have nothing to lose, only lots of ENJOYABLE MOMENTS come to you; bring YOUR HEART into your music.

It's easy

... the longer you wait, the longer you will be struggling with your OLD BAD HABITS and UNCERTAINTIES of how to improve you own playing and enjoyment. So let's get started.

I guarantee you, even if you NEVER PRACTICE ONE SINGLE NOTE, YOU WILL HAVE TREMENDOUS INSIGHT AND KNOWLEDGE of how to play piano well and how to practice efficiently, and of course if you put in the time, you will advance very quickly, confidently and comfortably.

And of course, you never LOSE anything, if you feel this course is absolutely not for you, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

You'll receive instructions for downloading your eBook, directly to your email inbox, in the next five minutes.

To your success and enjoyment from the bottom of my hear

Eva Martin Hollaus

The Eva Martin Hollaus Piano Studio

P.S. If you want to play the piano, play the songs and pieces you ever wanted play, play well in piano exams, pass conservatory examinations, or simply put play any pieces that uses scales... if you want to play piano really well... if you are tired of taking lesson after lesson without getting anywhere... if you are ready to start your own journey of playing your own best, within your time schedule and ability,...if you finally want to develop and unleash the gift you have in you,... you simply cannot wait any longer...all you have to do is to follow my easy to understand instructions and you will immediately play better, simply by understanding each basic element better.

Don't get me wrong, even with all the other on-line piano courses, no one explains classical piano basics as I do in easy to understand and absorb words.

But simply put, nobody can show you what I can show you. For the first time, the secrets of skills and tools, the mindset and thought process to bring out the best in you is available on-line. It is almost like taking live lessons with me. You will hardly find a pianist and teacher crazy enough to take the time to write books and manuals to share 43 dedicated years of music and piano know-how.

P.P.S.: Don't forget when you order you will receive a FREE 15 step REPORT:



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