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Arpeggios Charts ONLY

All Tonic Major and Tonic Minor Arpeggios in root position, 1st and 2nd inversions, including enharmonic keys. This book will help you master ALL Tonic Major and Minor Arpeggios with ease. No note reading skills required. Focus your practice efforts on accurate fingering and technique. Beginner through Advanced. 44 pages

Price: $12.99

Chords / Cadences Charts ONLY

All Major and Harmonic Minor Primary Triads (3 positions) Inversions and I-IV-I-V-I Cadences in Major and Minor (3 positions) root position and inversions. Play Chords / Cadences as easy as 1-2-3.

Take the stress out of defining and learning the basic Primary Triads, inversions and cadences. Learn to fully understand how to derive Primary chords from the major and minor scales, so you will never go wrong.

Price: $12.99

Play Piano In All Keys Complete Workbook

This is the book I use with all my students from day 1 on. It includes all key ingredients of successfully learning a solid piano foundation. A Complete Workbook using large easy to read fingering charts for all Major, Harmonic, Melodic and Natural Minor Scales; all Major and Minor Primary Triads (root and inversions — 3 positions) and I-IV-I-V-I Major and Minor cadences in 3 positions (inversions); all Tonic Major and Tonic Minor Arpeggios in 3 positions (inversions), included all enharmonic keys. Theory basics, practice basics, progress charts and motivational thoughts. Basic rhythm, sight reading and pedal exercises. No note reading skills required! Beginner through Advanced. All scales, chords / cadences and arpeggios are sorted in “sets” with progress logs and completion charts. You will be able to immediately start playing the Major, then parallel Harmonic, Melodic and Natural Minor scales with accurate fingering, define the Primary Triads, practice 3 positions (inversions) and the cadences I-IV-I-V-I in 3 positions (inversions) – chords / cadences as easy as 1-2-3 and the Major and Minor Arpeggios in 3 positions (inversions).

I am listing my basic theory explanations – the structure of Major scales, how parallel and relative minor scales relate and ares structured, how to think modes, basic pedaling exercise, some basic note reading and sight reading exercises. Visualization and practice psychology, motivational pages.

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Price: $38.99

Play Piano in All Keys Scales Chords / Cadences Arpeggios Charts ONLY

All Major, Parallel Harmonic, Melodic and Natural Minor Scales

All Primary Triads, Inversions and I-IV-I-V-I Cadences (3 positions)

All Tonic Major and Tonic Minor Arpeggios (3 positions)

Letter Size, 120 pages, coil bound

If you are preparing for a piano exam or just learning how to play piano, this book is a MUST. All effort and dedication you are putting into learning an accurate piano playing foundation is streamlined with these charts.

Price: $13.20

Major and Harmonic Minor Scales (The Way I Teach Them…Using Fingering Charts)

My “secrets” that I use to take my students through learning a solid foundation in piano. You must know how to address “practicing”, “fixing mistakes” – simply put, the entire concept of how to go about learning and practicing piano and specifically how to acquire a solid piano playing foundation using fingering charts. All Major and parallel harmonic minor fingering charts are included, including enharmonic scales.

In order to learn how to play piano and play well, it is not enough to say, it’s talent and practice. This manual walks you through the step by step thought and practice process how to get results every single time. The basic fundamental structure of Major scales, the building blocks of western Music is explained.

This is my first book (in the series) on how I address teaching piano, the very concepts that everyone playing piano should be familiar with. I put together the winning thought progressions and explanations that walk you right through starting to play piano and right through performances and even competitions.

E-BOOK download in PDF. Includes practice instructions, how to understand, learn and think practicing in general and then specifically Major scales.

Price: $27.95

Major and Harmonic Minor Scales (The Way I Teach Them…Using Fingering Charts)

Amazon Kindle Download.

Price: US $9.99

Amazon Kindle Download – United Kingdom.

Price: UK £7.45

Scales Workbook

This workbook uses fingering charts (traditional, classical fingering) and features all Major, Harmonic, Melodic and Natural Minor scales (including enharmonic scales). Practice instructions, progress logs, basic theory as applicable to scales included. Scales are sorted as parallel Major and Minor scales.

Learn your scales with accurate fingering from day 1 on. Elementary through Advanced. This book is useful from the very beginning lesson to Young Artist scale practice. I start my students in the first lessons using these charts. Once introduced 5 year olds can decipher these charts. My advanced students use these charts re-enforcing accurate fingering at all (slow to lightning fast) speeds. Practice instructions on how to learn scales accurately and how to increase speeds with the metronome are included. Basic music theory as related to scales, the structure of scales, relative Minor, Parallel Minor scales, modes. The book is structured in Parallel Scale Sets as required in the Piano Guild Piano Playing Auditions: 120 pages spiral bound

Price: $19.99

Scales Charts ONLY

All Major, Harmonic, Melodic and Natural Minor scales. Easy to read giant fingering charts using traditional fingering. All enharmonic scales included.

Learn scales with correct fingering from day 1 on. Start scale skills in your very first, early lessons. This book includes fingering charts ONLY. Focus arrows and fingering reminders. Early beginning to Advanced. 44 pages, spiral bound.

Price: $12.99

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